Machines and Madness

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Session 1

The party (and Syl’Mayeth) witnesses an attack on the streets of Sharn. One of the victims is a Sivis courier, and the party is soon contacted by Professor Holthren Daretauk of Morgrave University. He sends them on a mission to the Shadow Marches, to aid his colleague, Talia Sore’kal. Before the party can leave, they need to find and rescue Jerian d’Lyrander –first mate of the Wave Caller and cousin to her captain, Lukan d’Lyrander. The boy is found held captive by a strange gang in the Cogs. Their leader is shrouded in a dark robe, and attacks with strange tentacles. Jerian rewards the party with magical Luck Tokens.

Session 2

The party arrives in Zarash’ak and rendezvous with Talia. They accompany her to her discovery, a strange machine built in the center of a stone circle. The machine bears the maker’s mark of Lady Sylvia Honus d’Cannith. A group of Gatekeeper Druids attacks the party, hoping to prevent them from reaching and studying the machine, but the party defeats them. Just as the Druid leader is about to reveal pertinent information, she is killed by an arrow from out of the fog.

Session 3

The party returns to Zarash’ak and sends a message to House Cannith about Lady Sylvia. While they wait for an answer, they are hired by a Karrnathi Merchant to rescue his “daughter”. Syl’mayeth refuses to meet with the man. The girl, Jennica, is being held captive by a Paladin of the Silver Flame, who plans to put her to death. After interrogating a Silver Flame agitator, the party finds the paladin and defeats her in combat; along the way they meet up with Quill, who travels with them.

Session 4

The party stumbles upon a plot to kidnap and sell warforged. They track the racket to an Emerald Claw operative in the docks of Zarash’ak. After they defeat him and his ogre bodyguards, an enraged Trilla attempts to torture and interrogate him, but he remains tight-lipped. She slits his throat in anger, stunning the rest of the party.

Session 5

Quill and Talia return to Sharn to get assistance and an airship. The party receives word from House Cannith and sets out overland for Lady Sylvia’s house in Twin Pines. Osbourne is kidnapped, but when the party faces a dolgaunt monk named Husarrl in the swamps, his drained body is returned to them. They defeat Husarrl’s minions, but realize they are being pursued by a sizable army of Aberrations. They flee as far as they are able before making a last stand in some ancient ruins. Just as things look bleak, a magical purple door materializes and transports the party to a strange ruin.

Session 6

The Test of Heroes. The party explores a strange Dhakaani labyrinth, earning powerful gifts from the spirits that preside over it. They each gain a heroic essence, and Osse discovers the warlock’s scepter

Session 7

The party meets Tamsin and arrives in Twin Pines. They befriend Beregol Dimrond, the town sheriff and smith, and move into Lady Sylvia’s sizable house. The party discovers strange figures kidnapping local children and follows them to a crashed airship in the forest. They defeat the Splinterwaifs and explore the ship, where Lomé discovers the Shield of Kasterynin. On their return to Twin Pines, the party crosses paths with an Emerald Claw patrol. The soldiers mention hat some kind of beast has escaped from them, but fight to the death, so the party cannot gain further information. Tamsin and Co. also return to the village, revealing that they have discovered the Emerald Claw camp.

Session 8

Trilla is unexpectedly reunited with Soriel, and vanishes into the night with him. The rest of the party, along with Tamsin and Sir Leocord, plan an attack on the Emerald Claw and warn the village to prepare for attack. Along the way they are met by a large group of Gatekeepers, who offer their assistance against the Claw. They do battle with the Emerald Claw’s army, but a third army –the Cult of the Dragon Below- attacks as well, seeking to kill everyone else. Meanwhile Trilla’s romantic reunion with Soriel turns sour. He reveals himself a vampire seeking to transfuse warforged with the power of the Daelkyr, and then bashes her senseless. The rest of the party shows up, with Husarrl close on their heels. The PC’s battle a group of mutated Warforged, headed by the telepathic Grindul, while the dolgaunt and the vampire battle each other and flee into the depths of Khyber. The party kills Grindul and the machine that created him, and leave to nurse their wounds. Emerging from the cave, they find that Tamsin is the only survivor of the battle; the stricken shifter travels with them, sharing her grief with the equally devastated Trilla.

Session 9

Quill arrives with the airship Storm’s Eye, and the party returns to Sharn. The ship’s captain is Lukan d’Lyrander, who reveals that Jerian, who the PC’s rescued in Sharn had ben replaced by a changeling spy. Along the way they are attacked by the Air Reavers, a group of gnolls headed by a half-fiendish sorcerer. In Sharn, they seek the counsel of a Dusk Hag, who asks a heavy price. Syl’Mayeth leaves to undergo a trial of his people, and Quill prepares himself to give up some of his life-force. The party frees a Succubus from the ruins of a mage’s tower; in exchange she gives Trilla a glimpse of her future: forcing her to manifest a full Syberis dragon-mark ahead of schedule. Returning to the Hag, the party hears a strange prophecy. Trilla uses her new dragonmark to heal Quill, and is shortly called before the head of her House, Baron Merrix d’Cannith. He ruthlessly seeks to claim her abilities for House Cannith, but is flummoxed when her dragonmark disappears without trace.


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