Machines and Madness

Session 30

The party arrives in Regalport, but they are unable to find Syl’mayeth. Asking around, they discover that someone matching his rather unique description caused a scene at a waterfront bar when he triggered a massive bar brawl, threw an ogre bouncer through a wall, and killed a few members of the Sea Dragons, the most powerful of the pirate fleet in the region. He was “invited” to join the group, and he did so, hoping to use the new position as a tool to find information about the next schema.
The party is approached by the group’s leader, Prince Ryger ir’Wynarn, who offers his aid, and to reunite them with Syl’mayeth, but first he requests a show of ability and loyalty. A small port used by the Sea Dragons, called Waverest, has gone quiet and the ship Ryger sent to investigate, the Blue Drake, has not returned. Ryger will have the party taken to the village, and asks them to locate the Drake’s captain, Nerala Steelflash, and to find out what happened to the port. The party agrees and travels to the village on the Wavewing, one of Prince Ryger’s smaller vessels.
The Sea Dragons are under orders not to get too close in their own ship, so the party is sent ashore in a row boat under the pouring rain. About halfway to Waverest’s harbor, the tiny boat is capsized when the party is attacked by a dragon turtle. Nathanial magically takes to the air, but the rest of the group is plunged into the freezing sea-water, where it quickly becomes apparent that only Tamsin has any real ability to swim. The beast savages those in the water, but Nathanial’s spells finally drive it off and with Tamsin’s help the whole group is able to get onboard the overturned boat and get to shore. With the very real threat of exposure to the frigid water, the party quickly builds a fire on the shore, a short distance away from the dark village. They are greeted cautiously by a guard with strange, nearly translucent skin from the village, who initially asks the party to leave. They insist and are shown to one of the town’s vacant buildings and locked in. They spend a nervous night indoors, but fortunately the heat and shelter help them recover from their aquatic ordeal.
They spend the next day investigating the village, starting with the Blue Drake, which is still moored in the harbor. The ship appears to be abandoned, although there are some signs of struggle on deck. The party’s inspection of the ship is cut short, however, but the sudden arrival of Captain Steelflash herself. She tells the party to leave, saying that Waverest needs her to protect it and that she and her crew have left the Sea Dragons to stay there. She provides little other information, and returns to the temple over looking the village. The party waits a short time and then head to the temple themselves. Along the way, they find something buried a short way off of the path; closer inspection reveals it to be an icon of the Devourer, god of the destructive power of nature, discarded by the temple. They are sent away from the temple, after being informed that they are not of “the faithful”. They are warned to leave the village before nightfall.
Waverest was a fishing village, but on this clear day the party notes that all the villages fishing boats remain ashore, and that the townsfolk themselves seem to avoid the water. In addition, the buildings closer to the water seem to be abandoned, and the townsfolk are affecting some kind of repairs on the other structures. Trilla and Tamsin keep an eye on some of the villagers while the rest of the group inspects a few houses closer to the water. Under one of the houses, Lomé discovers a dead body, curiously dried out; the dead man’s face seems to be gasping for air. In another building they find some evidence of struggle –damage to the walls and floor, and a dark, blood-like stain. Convinced that something bad is going on, the party withdraws from the village as night falls. Tamsin finds a few caves and ledges in the rocks away from the village, but with line-of-sight to it, and the party makes camp.
In the middle of the night however, the party hears a man screaming, and set off for town. Able to Featherfall down from their camp, Nathanial, Lomé, and Trilla get a head-start on the rest of the group, finding a man in the center of town. His skin seems exceptionally dry and cracked, and he is fighting for air. Lomé tries to drag him toward the seawater, but he fights to get away from her. Trilla lends a hand, while Nathanial keeps an eye on the village, convinced that he noticed movement in the shadows. As Trilla and Lomé give their water skins to the strange man, several creatures rush the group from the shadows of the village.
Humanoid in shape, but with rubbery skin and fish-like faces the creatures attack the group, raking with claws and teeth. They prove cagey opponents, and deal some terrible damage when they are able to catch their foes off-guard. The three heroes are able to fend them off until the rest of the group arrives to turn the battle against the fish-men, but more of the creatures erupt from an old well in the center of town, covered over with a wooden platform. The creatures are killed, but so is the strange man, and the party prepares to storm the temple on the rocky hill.



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