Machines and Madness

Session 28

The party is ambushed by Hussarl’s minions as they emerge from the sewers with Jennica and Malthus. Their attackers include several cultists, a few dolgaunts, and a strange dwarf with a vestigial twin and psionic abilities. It is a tough fight, but the party is able to overcome their aberrant foes and keep Malthus and Jennica safe. They return to Malthus’s estate and keep a more careful watch.
Syl’mayeth sets off for the Principalities as soon as he recovers from his poisoned wounds, and Nathanial performs a scrying to locate Soriel’s body, recalling that it was recovered from the battlefield in the Mournlands by a large, draconic shape. The party is shocked to see that the Artificer is alive, human, and trapped in some kind of prison. It quickly becomes apparent that Soriel was actually human after touching the trapped schema, and when Osborne stabbed him through the heart. Trilla barely resists the urge to kill the halfling and seeks to lose herself in her work. The party remains at Malthus’s estate for a few more days and then Nathanial teleports the group to Thaliost, hoping to gain more information from the bishop regarding the spells he helped Trilla work into the schema.



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