Machines and Madness

Session 27

With three Schema now in their control, and substantial resources at their disposal to upgrade their gear, the group decides to return to Karrlakton, where they can rest in the safety of the Or’Krinon estate and reunite with Tamsin. Resting at a coaching inn on their return to Karrlakton (while Quill and Trilla wait outside to protest the owner’s anti-warforged policies), the Lome and Osborn discover that they are being watched by a strange man. Lome confronts him, but he is evasive, and the inn discourages violence. They decide to keep an eye on him, but in the morning he is found murdered in his room –with evidence of torture at the hands of a tall, beautiful woman. The dead man is clearly a follower of the Dragon Below, but the party knows very little about the strange woman. Now convinced that two separate groups are at their heels the group is more cautious as they finish their journey back to Karrlakton.
Returning to Karrlakton, the party learns that Syl’Mayeth has locked himself in his room, and is refusing anyone entry. Worried for him, the party rushes to his room, only to find that his half-dragon blood has fully manifested itself in him; he now sports obvious scales and large red wings. Unable to blend into common society, the draconic elf plans to go to the Lhazaar Principalities ahead of the rest of the group, meeting them in Regalport, the largest city there.
The party rests in Karrlakton for a time, and Trilla uses the time to enchant Lome’s and Osborn’s armor, as well as to craft more potions and scrolls for the party’s use. Nathaniel finds a strange tome in his belongings, and forms a bond with a spirit calling itself Infyrian, who claims to be the soul of a wizard bound into the book after a fatal battle with a malevolent demon.
On the fifth day of rest, the mage and halfling are accosted on the street by a strange, matronly woman, who calls Osborn by name and fusses over him busily. They are swept along to an inn where the woman, Osborn’s adopted mother Ida, and her husband Norman provide them with a great deal of food and beer. Losing track of time, Osbourne makes awkward small talk with his adopted parents while Nathaniel gets very, very drunk. As they finally get ready to leave, Norman presents his son with a letter, and a strange silk mask, found with the boy all those years ago. The letter is from his mother, and mentions a family among the clans of the Talenta Plains. Realizing that they have spent too long reminiscing, the besotted mage and larcenous halfling hurry back towards the Or’Krinon estate.
Meanwhile Trilla, Tamsin, and Lome start to worry that a simple errand has taken far too long, set out with Quill to find their wayward companions. They meet up in the street and return light-heartedly to Malthus’s home, only to find it eerily quiet. Someone has breached the home’s formidable defenses, and killed several servants and guards. Discovering the library in disarray, the party finds Syl’Mayeth wounded, poisoned, and unconscious under an overturned bookshelf, and a message slashed into a large portrait of the merchant and his daughter: “Half-Elf, we have the old man and girl. We await you under the Great Library.” Once awake, Syl’Mayeth reveals that he found Malthus under attack by a tall, beautiful woman with a rapier. When the elf attacked her he was jumped from behind by a large group of orcs and left for dead.
The party sets off to rescue their benefactor Malthus, and is ambushed along the way by a band of orcs and their skilled half-orc leader. The group easily over-powers the orcs, and continues on their way. In the sewers below the library, they are met by a medusa, Kathar StoneEye, and her lizardman bodyguards. She demands that Lome surrenders “the Orb” to her. Since the party doesn’t know what she is talking about she says that she will instead just take the dragon shaman herself. Battle is joined and while Quill, Lome, and Osborn battle Kathar and her guards, the medusa’s assassin ally strikes at Nathaniel, nearly killing the mage, Trilla, and Tamsin single-handedly. The party is gravely wounded, but they manage to slay the medusa and her guards and injure the strange, snake-like assassin, who flees into the sewers. Bruised but not beaten, the party finds Jennica and her injured father and takes them to the surface.
Just as the last of the group climbs up from the sewers, a shadowy figure steps in to view, hissing to his unseen comrades “Looks like they’re wounded boys. This’ll be easy.”



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