Machines and Madness

Session 26

Finding the catacombs a war zone between the Emerald Claw and the Cult of Vol, the party makes their own way through, fending of members of both factions before confronting the temple’s strongest guardian: a Cadaver Collector –a gruesome spiked golem that harvests bodies (living or dead) for the temple. The presiding cleric of the temple is grateful to the party for clearing out the Emerald Claw aggressors, and offers the party the Schema they seek, if they can defeat the golem. In a close call, the party defeats the golem and claims the schema, learning that in addition to the design for Lady Sylvia’s twisted machine, each Schema also holds a different pattern, revealed by the full light of the moon Barrakus. With the cleric’s blessing, the party leaves the temple and finds a relatively safe inn, within the ongoing carnivale of Atur.



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