Machines and Madness

Session 25

Tamsin is still unconscious from her ordeal, but with reports of Emerald Claw activity in Atur, the party is unable to rest for long. Syl’Mayeth stays with the injured ranger, and the rest set out, determined to find the reason for the unrest in Atur, and suspecting it to be linked to another Schema. In the City of Night, the party investigates the Crimson Monastery, and is intrigued to learn that although the Emerald Claw has attacked the catacombs of the temple and the monastery has been locked down, no real effort is being made to recover it. The senior clergy was coincidentally out of the temple when the attack occurred, and they are seemingly disinterested in the events there. Aided again by the Night Swords, the party meets up with a small contingent of their operatives who are observing the monastery, and learn that the main force of the Emerald Claw has been locked in the temple’s catacombs, along with the remainder of the priesthood, leaving the cultists above in disarray.
The party is attacked and it is revealed the unit of Night Swords has been infiltrated by the Emerald Claw, when one of the Claw’s assassins kills the commanding officer of the Swords, and more Claw soldiers attack their hideout. The party defeats the ambush, although one of the soldiers escapes into the night. Fearing that he might bring reinforcements, the party opts to move quickly into the monastery, and finds a map in the commander’s papers, showing the easiest way into the temple compound. The party climbs the wall and fights their way through the cultists and temple guardians to the catacombs entrance.



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