Machines and Madness

Session 23

With the Archbishop’s continuing help and a gift of Flame-Touched Iron, Trilla crafts a replica of the schema, and the bishop enchants it with powerful divine magic. The rest of the iron is used to create a new, more powerful Battlefist for Quill. The party continues into Karrnath and travels to Karrlakton, where they reunite with Malthus Or’Krinon and his daughter Jennica, who offer them sanctuary: Malthus is exceedingly wealthy and an old enemy of the Emerald Claw, so his estate is very well protected and the party should be safe from both physical and magical threats there. As they start their search for Soriel they are contacted by a member of the Night Swords, Karrnath’s intelligence network, who tells them that the Claw has indeed been active in the area –both in Karrlakton and in Atur to the north, where the Crimson Monastery, center of the Cult of Vol, has mysteriously shut its gates. Before long however, they are found by Soriel’s messenger, a dominated slave who provides a cryptic message: “Soriel waits for you at Fort Kaius”.



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