Machines and Madness

Session 22

Trilla blames herself for Tamsin’s capture and begins to take more of the emotion-dulling Sannish, but she also hatches a plan to fight Soriel: since the route to Karrnath travels through Thrane, she hopes to obtain help from the Church of the Silver Flame to craft a false Schema that will cause severe damage to Soriel when he claims it. The party books travel to Karrnath via the Lightning Rail, and sets out, traveling for almost a week, which Trilla spends in a drugged stupor. They are forced to stop in Thaliost, a major city in Thrane, across Scion’s Sound from the Karrnathi fortress-city of Rekkenmark –the White Arch Bridge, a monumental achievement of the Galifar Empire, was destroyed in the Great War, and with it the Lightning Rail line across the Sound.
Since they are forced to stop in the Thranish city, they head to the Silver Cathedral of Thaliost and try to gain the Silver Flame’s help against Soriel. To Osse’s surprise, he is recognized by the Archbishop of Thaliost, a young man of great power and compassion. The bishop recalls Osse’s capture by the church, and offers him a chance to make amends: the Demon that held Osse’s soul and body was bound within a diamond prison, but its evil began to pollute even that place. The bishop asks for their help in exchange for his, and they go to cleanse the diamond, now held in a deserted village to the north that was razed in the war. The signs of the demon’s blight are apparent as the draw near the diamond, now clouded and black, and a ritual from the Church’s paladins allows the party to enter the prison. There they do battle with Osse’s tormentor- a powerful Shadow Demon named Grizzailir. The demon is defeated, and the party finds themselves standing in the ruined temple with a massive, crystal-clear diamond and Osse in a comatose state.
With the Bishop’s help back in Thaliost, they are able to revive Osse, and now free from the demon’s power, but also cut off from the source of his warlock magic, he is able to regain the wizard’s powers he held before the demon claimed him, and the Bishop offers him a choice: he can forget the pain and anguish of the demon’s hold on him –the murder of his family, the centuries imprisoned in the demon’s clutches, and the pain of his guilt –but he would also forget his current life –his friends and his quest for the schema- or he can remember it all vividly, as if he were living it again. Choosing to remember, he is wracked by the guilt of what he’s done, and spends some time coming to grips with himself. Trilla also chooses to remember, and with the help of the Flame, breaks her addiction to Sannish.



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