Machines and Madness

Session 21

The idyllic scene at the Tower’s Gate is shattered when the inn is attacked by thuggish brutes –apparently under the influence of a psychosis inducing drug called Devilweed. As the party defeats the thugs, it slowly dawns on them that one of their number is not present: Tamsin never left her room. Moving in to investigate the party is thrown back by a fiery explosion when her room is engulfed in mystic fire. Following clues found on the now-dead thugs, the party is able to find the ones who sent them: operatives of the Emerald Claw operating from a small estate near Morgrave University.
They storm the estate and kill the Emerald Claw agents inside, only to find Soriel waiting for them at the top of the tower, with an unconscious, but living, Tamsin. Protected by a powerful magic barrier, the vampire taunts the party and demands Mordain’s schema. When they do not produce it he says he will be waiting for them in Karrlakton, and warns them to hurry. He then assumes gaseous form and flies off into the night with Tamsin. Defeated, the party returns to the Tower’s Gate to lick their wounds and plan their next move.



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